Are you tired of constant battles over screen time with your kids? 

Do you feel guilty about how much time they spend glued to their devices? 


Do you struggle finding tools to get them off the screen? 


What if I told you there is a way to cut screen time by 50% without a fight?

Reduce screen time in under a week 

Discover innovative and easy-to-implement strategies that go beyond the typical advice. Our guide is filled with expert insights on creating a balanced digital life for your family. 

Gain access to simple, effective methods to reduce screen time without stress

Our solutions are designed with busy families in mind. They require minimal preparation and no special materials. 

Use creative alternatives to boredom that don't involve screens

We’ve compiled a treasure trove of creative and exciting activities that promise to captivate your child’s attention. 

Implement hands-on, enjoyable exercises together with your children

From Time Travel Excursions to Inventors Workshops, get ready to explore a world of imagination and bonding activities that your family will love.

Why should you cut your child's Screen Time?  

To create a healthier and happier future for your child 🎉 

Equip your children with the skills to self-regulate screen usage

Gain access to simple, effective methods to reduce screen time without stress 

 Implement hands-on, enjoyable exercises together with your children 

Establish sustainable habits for a lifetime of balanced screen use

Understand the psychological and emotional impacts of screen time on children

Start fostering stronger relationships and better communication

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No prep time,  no special equipment needed


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Simple tips for family fun off the grid

Get your digital guidebook instantly 

No prep time nor special equipment needed

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Break free from screens: Simple tips for family fun off the grid!


Download your 23 page digital guidebook now and enjoy simple action points and tools to reduce screen time in your family.


Screen-free adventures aren't just activities; they're opportunities to bond, learn, and grow. They remind us that the best parts of childhood - and parenting - don't require a power button. Let's turn off the screens and turn on the imagination. Your next great adventure awaits!


P.S. No prep time nor special equipment needed. Instant download lets you begin with screen-free time right away!

Questions? Look Here!

Our FAQ section has answers to common questions, but if you need more help, our friendly support team is just an email away at

Why is it important to reduce screen time?

Uncover the hidden impacts of excessive screen time on children’s health, mood, and development. Our guide sheds light on the importance of finding the right balance and the positive changes you can expect to see in your child's life.

How practical are the solutions offered in the guide?

Our solutions are designed with busy families in mind. They require minimal preparation and no special materials. Learn how to easily integrate these activities into your daily routine, making a significant impact with little effort.

Does the guide address how parents and educators can lead by example??

Yes, leading by example is a key theme. Discover practical ways to model healthy screen habits for your children, reinforcing the message that life's best moments happen off-screen. Learn how to be a screen-smart role model in our digital age.

What will I learn from this guide? 

You will learn effective strategies to cut down screen time. You will find loads of insights and inspiration on how to turn off screens without a fight.  Also, you get access to hands-on tools and practices to work with and succeed in creating more screenfree time in your family.

To whom is this guide for?

For anyone who wish to cut down screen-time, but essentially for busy moms and dads looking for practical solutions to create screen free time for the family. 

When will I get the guide?

Our guide is an instant downloadable PDF, so you will get it right away.