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Hi! We're Pia and Jim from Finland, and we're parents to Mikaela and Tom. We've always believed in nurturing creativity in our children. One of our biggest family projects was creating Dibidogs. It began with the imaginative drawings and stories of Mikaela and Tom, grew with contributions from hundreds of kids around the world, and eventually became a children's TV series watched by over 50 million people globally.

Through this journey, we've seen firsthand the power of nurturing creativity, not just in our children, but in children everywhere. Our dream is that every child's creative spirit is recognized, valued, and supported, leading to a world where creativity is not just encouraged but celebrated. We believe that by fostering an environment where creativity is nurtured, we can unlock the infinite potential that lies within every young mind.

We've written several books on creativity and innovation and have also produced podcasts on how to raise creative children. On this site we are thrilled to share our mini-guides on creativity and screen-free parenting with you. Keep an eye out for our upcoming guide on building self-confidence!


Welcome to 'Parenting Made Easy', your partners in parenting.

- Pia & Jim